Parisian ultras sanctioned –


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    Parisian ultras

    Sanctioned by the LFP, Thursday.

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    The Auteuil turn of the Parc des Princes

    Closed for two matches!

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    30 years of the Auteuil turn

    The CUP set the Parc des Princes on fire on November 20.

The Auteuil stand at the Parc des Princes was closed for two matches by the LFP.

The CUP (Collectif Ultras Paris) set the Parc des Princes on fire for the 30th anniversary of the Auteuil turn, on November 20, during the meeting of the PSG against FC Nantes. Many smoke had accompanied a huge tifo of Parisian supporters before the meeting and a slew of smoke had been lit in the 30th minute.

For this “ use of pyrotechnic devices “, The disciplinary committee of the LFP, meeting on Thursday, decided to close the Auteuil tribune for two matches. In Ligue 1, Kylian Mbappé and his teammates only play once at home in 2021, against Monaco in 10 days.

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