Palma falls in Valdepeñas and moves away from the leader Barça

The Balearic Islands could not maintain their winning streak in the League and remain six points behind the Catalans at the top of the table

Viña Albali Valdepeñas defeated Mallorca Palma Futsal at home


Albali Valdepeñas Vineyard defeated Majorca Palma Futsal (4-1) to return to the path of victory almost two months later in the League and deprived the Balearic Islands of continuing to keep up with the barca ahead of the ranking. With the defeat, the team Antonio Vadillo He remains six points behind the Catalans, who did not fail on their visit to Antequera.

boyiswith a doublet, Raphael Rato and Daniel Saldiseat their own door, were the architects of the triumph of Valdepenaswhich continues to put land in the middle to achieve the goal of the playoff for the title and already has an eight point margin. Cainan He made the goal for the visitors, who did not wear a good version.

Albali Valdepeñas Vineyard Shield



Palma Futsal Shield


Albali Valdepeñas Vineyard: Edu, Lolo, Rafael Rato, Pol Pacheco and Matheus Preá -starting five- Lemine, Claudino, Solano, Boyis, Drums, Abbasi, Nano and Ivi.

Majorca Palma Futsal: Luan Muller, Tomaz, Cleber, Rivillos and Mancuso -starting five- Chaguinha, Tayebi, Marlon, Cainan, Fabinho, Eloy Rojas and Dani Saldise.

goals: 1-0, Boyis (12′); 1-1, Cainan (14′); 2-1, Dani Saldise (pp) (26′); 3-1, Rafael Rato (32′); 4-1, Boyis (32′).

referees: Carreira Romero and Ferrero Carballal. Cards to Lolo, Claudino, Óscar de la Faya, Cléber, Eloy Rojas, Rivillos, Barrón, Chaguinga and Tayebi and Boyis was sent off with a double warning.

spectators: 1,800 in the Virgen de la Cabeza pavilion.

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