OM, a team of “going to ten”

Trapped by the Brest counterparts, and weighed down by sterile possession, OM took a lesson in realism on Saturday, according to Michel Der Zakarian.

The numbers hurt: 16 shots at 9, 74% ball possession, but 2-1 for the visitors. Saturday, theOlympic Marseille conceded a frustrating defeat against Stade Brestois. All the more infuriating as the Phocéens opened the scoring and led 1-0 at the break before being overthrown after returning from the locker room. “It’s frustrating because we stopped playing in the second half. Unfortunately, in a match where you are better for so long and you lose, it’s your fault ”, regretted Jorge Sampaoli at a press conference.

In fact, OM fell into the trap set by Brest. “On had come to defend well at first in our half of the field and to counter them behind, explained Michel Der Zakarian, in comments relayed by Le Phocéen. In the first half, we were in place, but we did not recover the ball. They gave a small pass to ten, they made us run, but other than two situations, they were not dangerous. They made the ball run without being very dangerous. I then asked my players to be more active on the ball, to be closer to each other to better recover the ball. This is what we did in the second half, we increased the intensity in the distances, in the aggressiveness, we recovered the ball well and we used it better. “

With a goal from the penalty spot (53rd) and a light strike from Honorat (70th), the Bretons gave the Phocaeans a lesson in efficiency. Something to rejoice in Der Zakarian, who was invited to clarify his remarks on the “Goes to ten” of the Marseillais. ” We saw it in Nantes, when they score, they are superior and they keep the ball, explained the former coach of the Canaries. They do it very well, be careful, they run, but after behind to win, you have to score goals. We just defend, but we score in every game… ” This is indeed the crazy statistic of SB29 this season. Brest is with Liverpool, Milan, Inter and Bayern one of the five teams to have always found the net this season. OM, with their five 0-0 since the start of the season, have something to be envious of.

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