OL refuse any sanction and seize the CNOSF

Sanctioned as a precautionary measure of a closed-door match by the Disciplinary Commission, OL appealed to the CNOSF to challenge this sentence and to guard against possible future penalties.

In the aftermath of an aborted Olympico, on Sunday November 21, the Disciplinary Commission urgently decided on a first sanction against OL: a closed session pronounced on the match of the 16e L1 day between Lyon and Reims. This Tuesday, the Gones officially contest this precautionary measure by entering the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). While reaffirming through a press release their incomprehension in the face of any sanction that may be taken against the club.

If the Lyonnais obviously condemn the gesture of the aggressor of Dimitri Payetapologize to the player and OM and greet the ” exemplary collective behavior »Of their supporters, the press release of the day tends above all to prepare the ground before December 8 and the final verdict of the Disciplinary Commission against OL. ” The individual and isolated act which took place on November 21 in Lyon cannot be compared to the vast majority of collective incidents since the start of the season. Therefore, it is imperative that a distinction be made between collective acts of violence and degradation, and isolated acts that no one can anticipate or prevent. », Hammers the Rhone club.

OL calls for sports fairness

Identical sanctions for these same types of acts, as for isolated acts, today pose major risks to clubs for their sustainability., continues the institution chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas. The possible loss of revenue of more than 3.5 million euros, not to mention the repercussions of the precautionary measure and the disciplinary consequences, would occur in a context of already difficult crisis for Olympique Lyonnais as for other clubs which are struggling to exit. of covid-19.

And to conclude: ” Olympique Lyonnais, in the name of sporting and economic equity and to guarantee fair competition, asks that the decisions that will be taken in the future be consistent with those taken since the start of the season and incorporate the fundamental rule of proportionality. This same homogeneity is essential in the same championship in order to guarantee equity between clubs. As such, the club asks to be judged in relation to the reality of the facts. […] Olympique Lyonnais cannot accept having to carry the entire football crisis on its own shoulders.

In other words, OL will contest any possible sanction – a fortiori if the latter responds to the case law born from the interruption of the league match between Nice and Marseille on August 22. A precedent which had seen the Gym sanctioned with two penalty points, including one suspended, plus three matches behind closed doors.

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