OL-OM, Ménès finds the decision “scandalous”

Pierre Ménès does not understand why the OL-OM meeting will be replayed at Groupama Stadium.

Unsurprisingly, the decisions of the Disciplinary Commission concerning the OL-OM meeting were not unanimous. As a reminder, a penalty point was inflicted on the Rhone club, and the match will have to be replayed on a date which has not yet been fixed.

But this is another point that bothers Pierre Ménès. ” I find it scandalous that this match is still taking place in Lyon, Menes plague on his website. Obviously, there will be no one in the stadium, but the Marseillais will have to go to the stadium. Security will have to be tightened up severely. ” As a reminder, after similar events, the Nice-OM match was replayed on neutral ground.

“Sampaoli insults everyone”

On the other hand, Ménès understands the sanction imposed this week on Jean-Michel Aulas. ” If Aulas put pressure on Ruddy Buquet, I really don’t see how we could question the referee’s word in this case, he deserves to be punished ”, considers the consultant.

And although he is in favor of Aulas being sanctioned, Ménès agrees on one point with the Lyon president: the OM coach would also have deserved a sanction. ” VSWhat may be surprising is Sampaoli, who according to Mr. Buquet did not behave well. He comes out white as snow or maybe we got used to him insulting everyone at all the matches. “

Generally speaking, this affair does not grow on either side. ” What I regret, in this case, is that all the parties concerned did not take height for French football to advance. No, here everyone is thinking of their parish. That’s a shame “, Ménès concludes.

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