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Nuñez is already preparing to start at the Bernabéu

Change of partner. Unai nuñez is already preparing at the Lezama facilities to train together with Yeray in the axis of the rear on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabéu and thus make up for the loss of the sanctioned Iñigo Martinez, the fittest man on the team in the 2021-22 League. The ondarrutarra was expelled at the end of the game played last Friday against Granada for an entry about Luis Suarez after a bad pass from Unai Simon. In the beginning, the collegiate Lamb Vega He showed him the yellow card, but at the request of the braid in charge of the VAR, From Cerro Grande, changed the color of the warning and sent him to the locker room.

That of Repelega, who was part of the call before the Nasrid after being out of the group due to some discomfort in the adductor, and that of Barakaldo are the only two specific centers that he has Marcelino in the first team to play against Real Madrid the game corresponding to the ninth day, postponed at the time by the CONMENBOL games. The Asturian coach will have to pull a Bilbao Athletic defender. The logical thing would be that he opted for Aitor Paredes, who played yesterday against Deportivo in Riazor, a match that ended with a 1-1 draw.

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Athletic has trained today from eleven in the morning at the Lezama facilities. After warming up in field 1, the players moved to field 3 to perform exercises with the ball, no longer in the presence of the media.

The training has not had any player from the subsidiary. As usual in recent days, the injured They lived, Yuri berchiche, Nolaskoain and Villalibre they have been terminated. The central Gasteiztarra is much improved from the muscle injury he suffered against Espanyol at the RCDE Stadium, although it will be necessary to see if he can reappear before the Christmas holidays or return with the entry of the new year.

Everything indicates that Nico Williams, on the left of the image today in Lezama, will start against Real Madrid, as he already was on Friday against Granada

The team will exercise again tomorrow at the same time and after Marcelino will appear before journalists. Nico Williams he is the other lion to have secured the spot in the eleven after being the most prominent on Friday.

Real Madrid will host the lions after defeating Sevilla at home (2-1), in a match in which the Hispanics deserved more and with a very controversial play: a possible penalty of Praise upon Ocampos that not even the collegiate Sánchez Martínez neither the VAR decided to point out when it seemed very clear.

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