Now it’s about adding, by ‘Tarzan’ Migueli

I liked the start of Barça against Villarreal, from minute one to match. Very plugged team that made the rival back to their field. Very good first twenty minutes, with chances and an extraordinary De Jong, but Villarreal realized they could win and put Barca in trouble, which began to give one of lime and one of sand, suffered by not having control. But now what it’s about is to add. Here when you start to win you already talk about the flower and when you lose, that it is not so good or it has not hit the key. I will I would say to Xavi keep working.

Villarreal did not deserve to lose, it must be admitted, but in football luck counts and you have to look for it. Unai emery He has a thorn stuck against Barça and perhaps at the end of the game he was not successful.

And the Ballon d’Or gala it was a source of pride for any Barcelona player, with three winners on our 122nd anniversary. Too bad there are those who fired the best in history and that the other two were not signed by him. Yes indeed, photos you want and more. Let’s see if they make a call to Stretch you out to learn: he is not seen anywhere, but here some always glued to the president

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