Norwegian salmon is through the roof, by Josep Maria Artells

tent He was an endearing character of the great Barcelona cartoonist Josep Escobar, one of the postwar creators who described in a scathing and corrosive way the food shortages in Spanish society that the victorious regime denied. Carpanta was a lively victim of hardship who wore a tailcoat, an inseparable high collar with a bow, a beard to shave and a crumpled boater hat of the time. For a steaming chicken he was capable of anything.

The clever character comes to mind as a cartoon analogy of the meeting they had Joan Laporta Y Mino Raiola, agent of Haaland, one of the most coveted jewels in world football. It’s like Tent I had a reserved table in the sublime Celler de Can Roca, now that the most famous chefs, as mediatic as footballers, have come together this week to share the stars Michelin. Unlike Escobar’s protagonist, Laporta He leads a historic club with a great heritage that has always attracted great footballers.

Knock on the door of the greedy Mino Raiola to ask with good will about the conditions to sign Haaland (21 years) is an initiative open to many considerations. The president has seen in the young Norwegian scorer the new ‘Ronaldinho‘ With which Laporta Y Rosell they brought joy back to a club that was withered and losing. With the Gaucho The Blaugrana golden age began, which today is the cause of so much nostalgia. It is intuited that the model can be repeated with Xavi: Ronnie of the team’s beacon, an upper-middle class (Deco, Marquez, Eto’o, Henry…) And a bunch of good homegrown players ready to take on the world. Today, the young Norwegian scorer is a chimera, but he is one of the few footballers with the power of attraction capable of attracting sponsors and filling the new stadium, whose financing will be voted tomorrow by the partners with several important gaps without knowing each other.

Raiola is auctioning his Viking in public to four bidding clubs and the Barça It is the one in the worst condition. The reality is that there is no money, no glitzy stadium, no Champions And, from what is observed, the team will take time to consolidate. Reach the Champions via UEFA Europa League o LaLiga is an obligation that, if things do not change much with reinforcements in the winter market, it will not be easy.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that Haaland is going to mark, next to Mbappe, the leading football of the next few years, hence their advisers have put them on the starting ramp. It is not ruled out either that the voracious Italian intermediary is organizing a marketing operation with the Scandinavian to have him in the showcase and counteract his premature absence from the Champions with the Dortmund and in the next world with Norway. With Haaland out of focus, these events will decisively influence the consecration of the footballers who should be substitutes for Messi Y Christian, the kings of the last decade, on the podium of the best. Explore options Erling It is an obligation of the Barça, in the same way that if his technical ‘staff’ thinks that it is a signing that will capitalize on the Barça on the sporting and economic level, all the meat will have to be put on the grill. It is not necessary to raise false expectations or sweeten the life of the culé with vain illusions.

Laporta owes compensation to partner after losing Messi and liquidate Griezmann at the last moment without a preconceived plan, one of the consequences of the deficits suffered by the staff.

Javier Tebas should not give instructions to Barça. Nor mark the way. Much less play a fortune-teller denying him bread and salt, stating that the signing of Haaland it is impossible.

There are precedents for not ignoring that Raiola will ask for the sacred Familyincluding the contentious controversial star that shines overhead. Laporta you already know that it will be mandatory to pay a succulent premium to the father and his friend My no. Everything has its limits, but the Blaugrana president has a draw and a salt shaker to seduce the player and his family by making them see that Erling he will be the captain general of a great project that revolves around him. The Real Madrid will have in Mbappe to his great bannerKylian It is a ‘weather vane’ who likes pampering Madrid Y Paris), the City to De Bruyne and the Bayern to Lewandowski. Haaland, delicious Norwegian salmon, from the fjords of the Arctic, with the price soaring for the shopping cart of the Barça.

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