Neymar still far from the recovery

Hit in the ankle in early December, Neymar will take off his immobilization boot shortly after Christmas. His resumption of competition still appears distant.

In his medical press release, the Paris Saint Germain gave news of Neymar. The good thing is that rehabilitation is progressing for the Brazilian, who suffered a severe ankle injury in early December. The worst part is that the Parisian n ° 10 is still far from being restored.

“The player continues his rehabilitation at the Ooredoo Training Center, the immobilization boot will be removed in 8 days with gradual resumption of support”, specifically indicates the PSG this Saturday.

It is therefore after Christmas that Neymar will lean again on his affected leg, and his ankle will have been immobilized for about three weeks. It will then be necessary to wait several weeks before he can resume training.

PSG’s initial deadline was six to eight weeks for Neymar’s absence. By the time he regains his feelings, and his ankle is well consolidated, the Brazilian could be satisfied if he can replay before the end of January, which seems far from certain. As a benchmark, the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid is scheduled for February 15 …

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