New safety devices at Groupama Stadium

Olympique Lyonnais have said that nets will be installed in front of the corners of Groupama Stadium with the aim of improving within the stadium.

A little over a week after the incidents that occurred during the match betweenOlympique Lyonnais and theOlympic Marseille, the Rhone club decided to act and improve security within Groupama Stadium to prevent such scenes from happening again.

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In a press release, OL announced that nets will be installed in front of the bends, in order to avoid possible invasion of the ground, as was the case during Nice-OM. “Olympique Lyonnais will install nets in front of the bends, an additional measure which will be added to the CCTV cameras, stewards and the work of the supporters’ referents, employed full time by the club”, can we read in this press release. This device has just added to the 400 cameras and 800 security guards present during matches at the stadium.

In addition, the club of Gones wants decisions in case of interruption of a meeting to be taken more quickly, not exceeding 15-20 minutes. “Likewise, Olympique Lyonnais will plead with the authorities so that the next decision-making on the resumption or not of a match is made within a period of 15 to 20 minutes maximum”, they added.

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