Nasri mocks MNM

In his own way, Samir Nasri pointed out the lack of involvement of the Parisian attackers in the defensive withdrawal.

the PSG worry. If it flies over Ligue 1 and is already qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League, the club of the capital connects the services at best sluggish. On Wednesday, traveling on the lawn of the Etihad Stadium, the vice-champions of France were outclassed by the Citizens, failing to compete with Pep Guardiola’s troops.

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And for most observers, if the Rouge et Bleu suffered in this way, it is largely because of the attitude of its three star attackers, Lionel messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, too little concerned with defensive tasks. What force the Parisians to defend most often to seven, which is crippling against teams of the caliber of Manchester City. Present on the Canal Football Club set on Sunday, Samir Nasri joined the general opinion. ” In this Paris team, I’m a Kenyan next to the attackers “, He thus launched on the tone of the joke, the former Citizen not being known to have swallowed the kilometers during his career.

But for the Marseillais, the first responsible for this situation is none other than Mauricio Pochettino, not sufficiently firm with his players. ” You need a boss, you need someone who is not afraid to take responsibility, someone like Guardiola. Aren’t you running? No matter what your name is, you go to the bench. At this level, you have to run “, He explained after having validated, last week, an arrival of Zinedine Zidane on the Parisian bench.

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