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“My dream is to win the Champions League with Real Madrid”

Claudia Zornoza It is the best example that, beyond the field of play, you can also succeed as a benchmark. The footballer of real Madrid is image of New Balancea brand that she represents and with which she has agreed to review the news of women’s football and a white team that does not stop growing.

On the role of women in football, the footballer points out that “there is still a long way to go, but the growth that is taking place is remarkable. As soon as they have given us visibility, people have responded and that has been seen in the stands every weekend.

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He also talks about the importance of girls seeing soccer players like Claudia to dream of being professionals. “The first thing I would tell them is that they have the humility to work every day, that the important thing is to fill themselves with learning to achieve their dreams. Without values ​​such as respect, discipline, perseverance or camaraderie, I think it is very difficult to achieve it.”

About the demanding season that Real Madrid is facing, the player explains that “the work we are doing has a lot of merit, we have adapted very quickly to all the incorporations we have had over the years and we have known how to face the demands of the team. Yes I compare it with the previous season the truth that we have given a great leap on a physical level, something that has been reflected in the fourteen consecutive games unbeaten in the league”.

and ensures that in real Madrid “I feel happy and I think that is reflected on the field. Since I arrived at the club, there have been months of personal and professional growth that have helped me improve as a footballer. I think I’m in a good moment, I have exceeded my expectations and I hope I can continue to enjoy this for a long time.”

One of her greatest dreams is to play in the Champions League with Real Madrid, a competition where they hope to go further and further: “Playing in the Champions League is enjoying the greatest club competition in the world, I think any player wants to take the field in a match My short-term goal is to win the Copa de la Reina, it’s a dream. In the long term, being able to win the Champions League.”

“I have always said it, I am from Madrid and I feel the club like any fan who goes to Say Stefano, I give my all in every game and I think that has made my relationship with the madridistas so good. They want to keep encouraging me on the field and I want them to keep doing it for more seasons, so I can only say that I hope it can be like that”, insists the player.

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