Müller wants to make Barça pay for Messi’s choice as Ballon d’Or

Thomas muller, player of the Bayern Munich, continues to have Barça between eyebrows. Now take advantage of the choice of Messi as Golden Ball to remember his next rival in the Champions League. The German international surprised with a writing on his Linkedin page in which he pointed to Barcelona after the selection of the Argentine as the best player ahead of Robert Lewandowski.

“From a Bavarian, Polish point of view and also from a German point of view, the concession of the Golden Ball last night was definitely a disappointment. For some, even a little more. Although I have been in the business for a bit longer and was therefore not very surprised by the result (it was similar with Franck Ribery in 2013), this whole matter has formed an increasingly solid reflection in me: We have great players in the Bundesliga And we don’t have to hide However, for global recognition, more international successes are needed. ” Müller in your post. Later, he continued: “For me, too, this is a great motivation to put everything in the balance with the aim of bringing the Champions League back to Munich and to show the world of football what is happening. And, above all, what German football can offer. We have the next opportunity to do it next Wednesday in the game of the Champions League against him FC Barcelona. Let’s tackle it! “

Finally he added that he congratulated Messi, “the best player at the individual level”, but criticized the choice: “I think Robert Lewandowski I would have deserved more this time. What do you want me to say.

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