Mrs. Abidal’s declaration of love

Placed in the spotlight following the assault on Kheira Hamraoui in early November, Hayet Abidal intends to refocus on the essential.

The consequences of the iron bar assault on Kheira Hamraoui last month, which resulted in her teammate Aminata Diallo being taken into police custody, continue to be felt. “We all know the event, it impacted everyone physically and mentally”, also confided Didier Ollé-Nicolle, the Parisian coach, after the quiet victory of PSG in Issy (0-3).

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The other consequence of this aggression was much more unexpected. The investigation carried out by the judicial police of Versailles having brought to light a relationship between the Parisian midfielder and Eric Abidal, who officiated as the sports director of Barça when the tricolor international was playing there, the couple of the former side has indeed been shattered. The former defender having confessed to having maintained an adulterous relationship with the Parisian player, Hayet Abidal immediately filed for divorce.

There was no question for her to forgive. ” We forgive until something collapses inside you then you no longer feel anything, neither forgiveness nor anger, but only the desire to turn the page and not to think about anything. “, She wrote on Instagram. And Madame Abidal now seems to focus on the essential: her five children. “Telling my children that I love them is not a habit. It’s my way of always reminding them that they are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me ”, she posted over the weekend, being careful not to mention the father of her children.

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