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Militao’s incredible reaction when an object is thrown at him from the stands

The Brazilian kicked a flying object that fell to the group’s pineapple when they celebrated Vinicius’s goal

Militao, Vinicius and Rodrygo

In the curriculum of the great game that was scored against Real Sociedad, there was also the curious clearance he made of a flying object that, from the stands, fell to the pineapple formed by the group in a corner when celebrating the first goal of Vinicius.

In a video that circulates on the networks, you can see how the Brazilian, when he sees the object approaching, pushes it away by putting his left boot and complaining about the act of vandalism.

However, before the euphoria of the goal, the moment remained there as one of the most sympathetic of the game and that further decorated the good role of Militao at Reale Arena.

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