Messi’s father responds to haters

Strongly criticized since his seventh coronation in the Ballon d’Or prize list, Lionel Messi is obviously defended by his family.

In the past, some Ballons d’Or have been debated, but Lionel messi, seven times sacred now, had never been contested at this point. Since lifting his seventh golden sphere on Monday night, the Argentine has been the subject of indignant comments. Number of observers believing that the Polish striker of the Bayern Robert lewandowski should have won the bet.

I assume that anything that is excessive is insignificant. So, the happy medium is found around well-argued discussions., blows in Le Parisien the editor-in-chief of France Football, Pascal Ferré, tired of criticism. But when I hear some say that the Ballon d’Or has lost its aura, its credit, because Leo Messi won a seventh Ballon d’Or! This is Leo Messi we are talking about! One of the five greatest players of all time. Leo Messi! He’s not a Carquefou player, with all due respect for the Carquefou players.

An outing that will undoubtedly please the family of La Pulga, also clearly affected by the flood of denigration which falls on the player of the PSG since two days. ” Blah blah blah… Continue », Reacts the father of the Argentinian phenomenon, Jorge, on his Instagram account this Wednesday – photo of his son with his latest trophy in hand.

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