Messi, this mistake he regrets

Four-time Champions League winner, Lionel Messi regrets not having benefited enough from his first success, because he was not selected for the final.

On his record, Lionel messi has four Champions League wins. But if the Argentine left his mark on the following victories of the Barça (2009, 2011 and 2015), he had not been selected for the 2006 final against Arsenal. Even if he was very young, the future seven-time Ballon d’Or had badly lived this situation. And after the final at the Stade de France, he was left alone in the locker room, instead of celebrating on the lawn with his teammates.

“I regret having done that, he confides today in the columns of France Football. I was not aware then of what I was going through. But, at that exact moment, in my head, I was just thinking about the fact that I hadn’t participated. At least I would have liked to be on the bench that night. Until my injury (a muscle tear in the round of 16 against Chelsea), I played, I participated in our journey in the Champions League. I was disappointed. But I deeply regret this episode. We won this Champions League and I wasn’t sure it would happen again because it’s a very difficult competition to win. Then luckily I had the chance to win it again and enjoy it. “

Bad loser, Leo

In the interview he gives to France Football, Messi evokes his personality, and in particular this bad loser side that he could display during his younger years, and even at the beginning of his career. On this point, the native of Rosario claims to have greatly evolved.

“Now it’s different, he believes. Since I have my children, when I arrive home, it helps me a lot to put things into perspective, to forget what happened in the field. But it’s true that before their birth, when I was alone with Antonela, it happened to me to spend a lot of time locked up, without wanting to talk to anyone or go out, because of a defeat. When I was young, I already hated losing and grew up with that mentality. To always want to win, all the time, at everything. Because it’s not just about football, I want to win every game. “

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