Messi, Laporta’s about-face

After affirming that he would have hoped that Lionel Messi would play for free for Barça, Joan Laporta wanted to minimize his words.

I was hoping that at the last minute, Lionel messi say he was going to play for free “, Had entrusted the president of the Catalan formation, a few weeks ago, in an interview granted to the RAC1. A statement that caused a lot of reaction on social networks. While some agreed with the position of the boss of Barça, many of them have expressed their incomprehension about such a request.

Aware of the outcry generated on the Internet, especially among Catalan supporters, Joan laporta wanted to bring some details to the microphone of the TV3. ” I want this to be clear. In a radio show, I was told: “If Messi had stayed for free? »For free… I don’t know if it would have been possible, but I understand that it could have been, he clarified. And for a while I was like, well, it could have been. But I never asked Messi to play for free and in that Messi is right because, other than that, he is the best player in the world. “

We knew he had a big offer and it was absurd, continued Joan Laporta. Anyway, it had to come from him, not from me. I never said that and a controversy has arisen which is distorted at the source. “

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