Messi, “it’s hard to know what he wants”

Even if he sees better with the Argentinian, Leandro Paredes admits that some PSG players are struggling to find Lionel Messi on the pitch.

There is positive for Lionel messi to Paris Saint Germain. This is what notes Leandro paredes, his teammate in selection and now in club. ” He feels much better today. The first few months were complicated because it’s not easy to change club, house and city after so long (in Barcelona). Today, he feels much better, he is very motivated and I hope that it will continue like this ”, Paredes explains in an interview with ESPN, relayed byr Culture-PSG.

Paredes has already played 37 appearances for Messi since the start of his career. It is well placed to evoke the style of play of the sevenfold Golden Ball. “He needs to be in constant contact with the ball, whether for simple touches of balls, to make changes of pace or to make a decisive pass,” explains the Parisian midfielder.. I think he needs to constantly touch the ball to be in his game and if he is in his game everything is easier for us. “

But Paredes admits, Messi is still in the process of adapting to PSG. He still has to work on his relationship with some of his teammates. ” I know him pretty well and I know what he likes, what suits him, explains the former Zenith player. Marco Verratti also understood this very quickly, he gets along very well with him on the pitch so he knows more or less what he likes. But for others, it’s hard to know what he wants, what he likes. He’s only been playing (with us) for three or four months. It takes time, to get to know each other in order to know how each one moves in the field. I think it’s getting better and better every day. “ And it is especially in February that PSG will need a great Messi.

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