Messi is not running, is that a problem?

Paris Saint-Germain’s statistics in terms of kilometers traveled have fallen further with the arrival of Lionel Messi. But is this an important data?

It is an area where the Paris Saint Germain is practically always beaten, no matter what happens on the pitch. In terms of the kilometers traveled by its players, the capital club is almost always ahead of its opponents, and often quite clearly, especially in the Champions League. And even in Ligue 1, the contrast can be striking.

During the 0-0 against Nice on Wednesday evening, the PSG players covered 108.8 kilometers, indicates Le Parisien, against 122.08 terminals for the Aiglons, a very high total. Is it because the Parisians clearly dominated the meeting, while their opponents only chased the ball? It’s a lead, but it doesn’t explain everything. In Manchester City, Pep Guardiola’s team had possession of the ball (55%). And guess which Skyblues or Rouge et Bleu ran the most?

Messi is not Matuidi

These figures support the idea of ​​a PSG team that would not make the effort on the ground, in particular the three stars in attack, who were criticized for their lack of investment after the Manchester defeat, exactly. It is evident that the arrival of Lionel messi did not help the situation, because the Argentinian is anything but a marathon runner, and knows better than anyone how to save his strength to strike at the right time.

This is also the observation made by Alexandre Marles, former performance coach at PSG in 2013-2014. “I had studied Messi’s performance during a Barça-Atlético, explains the specialist, still in Le Parisien. The Argentinean averaged 7-7.5 kilometers during the game, but 1.5 kilometers at high intensity, or 20% of the total, when the majority of players are more around 10%. So when we talk about the distance accumulated by a team, it does not take into account the starts, the changes of pace, and those high intensity races which are determining in football. Matuidi could run 12 kilometers per game, but only 800 meters at high intensity, and this is normal, because they are not the same player profiles. In the end, we waste a lot of time commenting on this type of datas. “

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