Memphis and Cou vindicate themselves, by Santi Nolla

The Barça prevailed when it had spaces. Ter Stegen threw a ball at Memphis, who vindicated himself with a great goal as he did Coutinho with a penalty. The Barça of Xavi more gray won with a clear score and less game than against the other two rivals. The more installed is the lack of goal in the Barça, the team scored three on a difficult field; when the game was more towards a yellow victory than a Blaugrana reaction, Memphis, who could have been changed before, scored with a brilliant individual action and finished off the Brazilian causing a penalty that he threw himself by adjusting it to the post. Cou he has played garbage minutes so far and has been the target of anger with excessive acidity.

Who missed a goal yesterday went to Villarreal that had several occasions but did not culminate. The Barça from Xavi It started very well and faded, leaving the command to the rival before the break. De Jong put the Barça in the game, but with the tie of Villarreal everything was open again. In the end, Memphis was decisive and the goal of Coutinho (Two midfielders scored yesterday, which is what the team is also asked to do) he just silenced the voices that were clamoring for a penalty of Pique by a hand in the area that was clear.

The best of FC Barcelona It was the pressure of the first part and the worst was the absence of it when concentration or physique dropped. And, above all, we must assess the result that allowed him to win the first game away from home. Barça this season. Xavi he repeated several times that it was three gold points. And it really was that. The team needs to get used to winning. Yesterday when the Villarreal had the game in his favor, a very long ball of Ter Stegen allowed Memphis turn around and continue to face the immediate short term with hope and a tone of illusion less euphoric and more in line with the current reality of the Barça. Yesterday he Villarreal he gained possession in the second half. The Barça he beat in the end, but the game still needs to improve.

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