Mbappé and his ridiculous pocket money

Kylian Mbappé may well have turned professional from the age of 17, the French striker has for a time had to be content with symbolic pocket money.

Kylian Mbappé could become the highest paid player on the planet next summer. While he currently stands at some 20 million euros annually, the tricolor world champion has indeed been offered a salary of 50 million euros by the Parisian leaders in order to continue the adventure in the capital. Not sure, however, that this is enough to convince him to stay in Paris.

Because Kylian Mbappé assures him: money is not a motor. “I have a quiet relationship with money: I know it’s important, I’m happy to have it, but it’s not what drives me every second of the day”, he confided in an interview with Paris Match. A report to money that he explains by the education received from his parents when he was very early considered a gem. “They didn’t tell me about the sums. And they did well: how do you educate a 14-year-old kid after telling him he’s worth millions of dollars? “

And Fayza, his mother, to deliver an enlightening anecdote. For a long time, in order for him to grow up like an ordinary child, it was hidden from him that he was earning a lot of money. At 17, when he turned pro, he was only given 200 euros of pocket money per month when his salary was 85,000 “, she revealed, explaining that the tricolor world champion had never withdrawn with a blue card from a distributor until last year.

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