Mbappé, a shot on goal which is very expensive

The failure of Kylian Mbappé during the penalty shoot-out against Switzerland at the Euro, explains the Frenchman’s ninth at the Ballon d’Or according to Pascal Ferré, the editor-in-chief of France Football.

Present alongside Lionel messi at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Kylian Mbappé struggled to hide his disappointment on Monday when he learned of his Ballon d’Or ranking. Seventh in 2017 at only 18 years old, then fourth in 2018 and finally sixth in 2019, the tricolor world champion this time had to be content with ninth place. A necessarily modest rank in view of the ambitions of the striker of PSG.

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But if the year 2021 had started perfectly for the Parisian striker, with the climax of his exploits against the Bayern Munich and at FC Barcelona in the Champions League, the summer turned into a nightmare for the Parisian striker. The fault of a Euro during which he did not score a single goal, ultimately precipitating the loss of his family by missing his shot on goal against Switzerland. A failure that weighed heavily on the 170 journalists who nominated the Ballon d’Or according to Pascal Ferré, the editor-in-chief of France Football.

I can understand that he was surprised

“It’s complicated to be the spokesperson for the 170 voters, he confided. I can understand that he was surprised and even disappointed by this rank. After that, there were a few seconds which were fatal to him during the Euro. Perhaps in the eyes of the whole world he has passed for the big blame for the Blues, which is a bit outrageous, certainly. A missed penalty erased weeks and weeks from an easy top 5 level. “

“In the eighth (four goals against Barça) or in the quarter-finals (two goals against Bayern) of the Champions League, he walked not only on his opponents but on the water, he continued. In the League of Nations, he was also very good. Since the resumption in the league, he is also very good. From the outside, I think he ‘pays’ for this status of main responsible for the elimination of the Blues. But I am convinced that he will come back to improve this mark of passage which is only intermediate. ”

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