Mbappé, a question of ego and money!

If the negotiations are very difficult between Paris Saint-Germain and Kylian Mbappé, it is because the Bondynois would be very greedy on the financial level.

It is in less than a month that Kylian Mbappé will be authorized to discuss with other clubs, six months after the end of his contract with the Paris Saint Germain. As it stands, the planets seem aligned for the Bondynois to join Real Madrid next season, because the negotiations for an extension with the PSG did not give anything.

“It’s a huge mess!, summarized Daniel Riolo in After Foot, relays Le 10 Sport. We can’t even imagine the mess there is at Paris Saint-Germain, with Kylian Mbappé threatening to quit, who has already said: “I’m leaving if I don’t have the biggest salary in the world. club”. He wants the club’s biggest paycheck, he says. The only leads for him to stay is that it is not that coach, that Leonardo, if he can break it suits everyone, and that he has the biggest salary in the club. But it’s going to be very complicated to have the biggest salary in the club today. I want Paris Saint-Germain to be capable of breaking all the counters. But then there is Neymar who will cry saying: “But I am second, me. There is a problem”. Tell me how we’re doing. Go see the Emir in Qatar and talk to him. “

In short, the equation seems insoluble, even if PSG seem ready to make every effort to keep Mbappé, even if it means exceeding the 30 million offered to Neymar or the 40 million granted to Messi. The 2018 world champion would therefore have made it a matter of money, ego and status: he would undoubtedly earn more by staying in Paris than by spinning in Madrid. But at Real, he would be the undisputed star of the club …

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