Market opportunities at zero cost

If last summer three reinforcements arrived at zero cost like Eric garcia, Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero that could have been four if PSG had not broken in with a higher offer for Georgio Wijnaldum, FC Barcelona also works discreetly to achieve some of the opportunities offered by the market for the next summer market with the players who are free.

While Joan Laporta still do not throw in the towel so that Ousmane Dembélé go free to a ‘big’ in Europe, in the sports dome, in constant communication with Xavi Hernandez, the options are still being analyzed to increase the quality of the squad without damaging the delicate financial situation of the club while waiting to obtain income with the signing of sponsors or any sale.

There will be competition, like that of months ago with PSG, which took place Wijnaldum without paying transfer as he did not with Leo Messi, Sergio Ramos and Gigi donnarumma. So there is no time to waste. Some names especially like in Can Barça like André Onana, the goal of Ajax, the central Chelsea César Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen, as well as Edinson cavani, Uruguayan striker for Manchester United, who could even come out in January. In Chelsea he is also free Antonio Rüdiger, with Madrid and Bayern behind, Milan is Franck kessie, for whom there were contacts as reported by MD. Others like Paul pogba (United) and Paulo dybala (Juve) are more difficult due to salary, while Kylian Mbappé it is debated between PSG and Madrid.

André Onana

André Onana (25 years old) is one of the goalkeepers that Barça has followed for a long time and whom they have sounded out on more than one occasion. Formed in the Barça quarry and fired at Ajax, a club with a footballing philosophy similar to that of Barça, Onana responds to the goalkeeper profile that the Barça club is looking for as a teammate of Ter Stegen and as a possible future replacement for German. The Cameroonian could mean serious competition for the starter and that dispute over ownership would increase the performance of both.

At Barça they know that Onana He has already communicated to Ajax that he does not want to renew his contract, although they suspect that he could have already signed a commitment with Inter Milan. In Italy his arrival is taken for granted on July 1 to relieve the veteran Handanovic.

Onana He arrived at the Barça quarry as a child, along with several fellow Cameroonians who landed in La Masia with the help of the Eto’o Foundation. Of all that generation of African promises, he is the one that has gone the furthest. He signed for Ajax after leaving the Barça quarry and at the Dutch club he has had a brilliant career, both in the Eredivisie and in the Champions League.

The Cameroonian has recently returned to play after spending almost a year suspended for doping. He mistakenly took a drug from his partner, mistaking it for aspirin, and it tested positive. Although UEFA admitted that Onana He had no intention of cheating and admitted the involuntary error, did not free him from the corresponding sanction, which has been a momentary brake on his career. If he has not signed for Inter, in June he will be able to return to FC Barcelona

César Azpilicueta

César Azpilicueta (32 years old) is one of the loudest names in the Barça technical secretariat. The Chelsea defender ends his contract at the end of the season and after ten years at Stamford Bridge he could return to the Spanish League. He is a very experienced footballer and a very versatile defender, capable of performing at a high level in all positions behind.

Azpilicueta He usually acts both as a center-back and as a right-back, he has also played as a left-back and is used to performing in the back row with either two or three center-backs. A luxury wild card that still has some seasons left at the highest level.

In the last Eurocup he had a lot of prominence in the selection of Luis Enrique, acting as a right back, and was a key piece in the defense of three centrals that allowed Chelsea to Tuchel win the Champions League last season. Hence, he was one of the three Spanish players on the list of finalists for the Ballon d’Or. At Chelsea he is also the captain and one of the leaders of the dressing room, a factor that is also taken into account at the Camp Nou at the same time. time to assess its possible incorporation.

Xavi He knows him well because he has followed his career in recent seasons and because they were also teammates in the national team. Azpilicueta debuted as an international in 2013 and both coincided in the 2014 World Cup, the last one he played Xavi with the Red. Azpilicueta He has participated in two World Cups and two Euro Cups and after ten seasons at the highest level in the Premier he has a lot of experience

Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen (25 years old) returned to Chelsea’s starting eleven in the Watford fiefdom on Wednesday after he was not alienated by Thomas tuchel since November 6 against Burnley. The Dane had not played for a minute against Leicester, Juventus or Manchester United, as ‘retaliation’ precisely for his refusal to renew his contract. Own Tuchel He admitted at a press conference that “we hope it will influence the situation of the contract a little” and expressed his confidence that he can continue. They are in the same situation Azpilicueta, Rudiger and Thiago silva.

The 25-year-old Danish international. It has been on the Barça agenda for years, as the Barça club has kept very positive reports since its time at Borussia Mönchengladbach (2015-17), where it played on loan from Chelsea itself.

Throughout the last few seasons the name of Christensen He has sounded several times as a possible Barça reinforcement, especially when he was less of a protagonist at Chelsea. Unlike what can happen with Azpilicueta, due to its youth, Barça will have it more difficult to compete with possible offers it receives

Edinson cavani

Although he will turn 35 on February 14, it is a great market opportunity, since Edinson cavani he is a guarantee for the goal and a player with proven experience. The Uruguayan, who is barely playing for Manchester United, was already present in the conversations that took place last summer at the Barça club, although he finally decided to listen to Ronald Koeman and opted for the option of Luuk de Jong, which was a personal request from the coach.

Cavani He has experience, he is a winner and a scorer, and he is used to the pressure of the big clubs (PSG, United), he has played in the Italian league, the French and now in the Premier and he would also arrive extra motivated because he wants more prominence to be able to get to the top of the World Cup in Qatar. In that sense, his signing would be similar to that of Dani alves, a player that will provide short-term performance.

This season at Manchester United he has only played five games and two as a starter in the current Premier League, although now with the change of manager he will want to wait to see what he thinks of him Ralf rangnick. If he still does not play, he could force himself to leave as early as January and exercise a role similar to the one he would have had. Kun Aguero

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