Mapi León, injured with the Spanish team

The center abandoned the concentration due to a right cervicobrachialgia and at the moment there is no part about the time of sick leave

When you arrive in Barcelona you will have more tests

Mapi León, in a match with the Spanish team


The FC Barcelona continues to add injuries during the calls of the Spanish team. If they previously fell Mariona or Bruna, has now been Mapi Leon the one that has caused sickness due to a right cervicobrachialgia. The withdrawal time can be determined in greater detail once you reach Barcelona and have more tests done. Instead he entered the dynamics of the national team Laia Aleixandri.

A cervicobrachialgia is cervical pain that radiates to the arm and recovery times usually range from three weeks to two months depending on the degree of ailment and the severity of the injury.

This is a new setback for Jonatan Giráldez at the gates of a stretch of important matches where it will be measured in a few weeks at Athletic and Real Madrid in league and at Arsenal in Champions in the Emirates, where the group leadership will be played.

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