Real Madrid

“Madrid is one of the best teams in the world”

Julen lopetegui, coach of the Seville, expect a great match between two great teams this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu, where theirs face Real Madrid in a duel at the top of the table.

The Gipuzkoan coach avoids talking about a final, although he acknowledges that it will be a great game that is complicated for his team by injuries.

“We are talking about Real Madrid, the current leader of the League and one of the best teams in the world. The complexity is there, and also the ambition and enthusiasm to face a team of that level, of that category, which is also in a very good moment and with the feeling that they have grown as a team in many things this year “.

Lopetegui does not understand that it is a final for the League. “Talking about the end of the day that we are … It is an important and beautiful game. There are three points at stake against an opponent that we all know what he is, in what form he is and how he is competing and what players he has. And from there, there are three points that generate a lot of enthusiasm and we go with the healthy intention of achieving them and for this we have to score at a very high level, there is no other way to face Real Madrid than by giving a very important version of yourself. . But no one is going to take away our ambition and enthusiasm, “explains Asteasu’s, who was reminded that the highest-scoring team in the League and the least beaten are measured:” When it’s time to defend, you’ll have to defend yourself very well. , because he has exceptional quality in all his players, speed, quality … And you have to attack them very well too, because to win games you have to defend and attack “.

No good memories of his time at the Bernabéu

Lopetegui assured that he will not feel anything special about his Madrid past, a stage of which he does not keep good memories. “It is not special for me. The special thing about each game is that three points are played, and in this case it is special that it is a field and an important rival.”

Finally, he referred to the doubts he has for this game, including Diego Carlos. “We have problems with some long-term injuries and others with discomfort who have not been able to train all week and we are waiting to see how they are tomorrow. We are going to travel with 22 and with three of them we will see tomorrow if we can count on them or not, “acknowledged Lopetegui.

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