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Madrid embarks on the famous path of the champion

To the Real Madrid What has to happen to any champion at the end of the season has been happening to him in recent games, if he wants to be one at the end of the season, who wins even without deserving it. In a championship with 38 dates, the one who triumphs is the most regular and that also implies going through bad times and solving them as the whites did yesterday.

And it is that before him Athletic, those of Ancelotti they did not give much less their best version. Yes Courtois, which saved the team from a draw or even a defeat that, in any case, would have been fairer than a merengue victory. But football does not understand justice, it understands goals. Goals like the one he scored Benzema to overtake his own and that, in the end, served to add three points as gray as they were juicy.

In this way, the Real Madrid you are already on the path of the champion. That path that everyone who bites money in May has traveled during the winter months and that is full of games like last night or the penultimate against him. Seville, won over the horn with a genius of Vinicius.

With all this, the Real Madrid is the solo leader with seven points and one more game ahead of him Athletic the one he receives at the end of next week and where he could deal an almost definitive blow to the championship.

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