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Madrid can be ‘covered’ with the Champions League

Beyond what it means in sports to raise a Champions, The attraction of participating in the highest club competition in the world, obviously, is the economic prize. An award that varies depending on different factors and which takes into account both the sporting results and the track record of the clubs over the last few years, as well as their ‘status’ within the football scene.

All this is collected under the rules of what is known as “Market pool” which is what decides what amounts each team receives at the end of the competition. Quantities that, on the other hand, are estimated up to the moment in which they are perceived, which, moreover, does not occur at the end of the competition but, practically, is obtained the following year. So much so that he real Madridchampion of the last edition, still does not know what he will receive.

Confirmed and Estimated Figures

Even so, what he does know andthe white set is that this campaign, in which they are already in the quarterfinals, their share of the cake will be much greater as they are the only Spanish team that is still in contention. Beyond the money received for sports results (2.8 million for a win and 930,000 euros for a tie), there are the prizes for accessing the different knockout rounds (9.6 million for the round of 16, 10.6 million for the quarterfinals, 12.5 million for the semifinals, 15.5 million for the final and 4.5 million for the title) and those related to television rights and other extra-sports aspects (Market Pool) which are the ones in which Real Madrid this year can hit the ‘ hit ‘by not competing with other Spanish clubs. According to estimates, it could reach 140 million euros if they manage to raise the Fifteenth.

So far in the European campaign, the real Madrid He has earned 47.9 million euros for the sports results achieved. A figure to which must be added the UEFA coefficient of the white team based on the results of the last five years in which, for example, they have reached a semifinal and won a title. The figures are not yet known by the Market Pool but as soon as the whites continue to do well, Real Madrid’s box will notice it and the arrival of the money will well.

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