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Madrid, Bayern and City, the big coconuts of the quarterfinal draw

The die is cast: Real Madrid, Milan, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Benfica, Chelsea, Naples and Manchester City are the eight teams that will be present in the draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions which will be held this afternoon at the UEFA headquarters in nyon (12:00 pm, Movistar Champions League).

The white team, current champion and executioner of the Liverpoolthe set of guardiola and the bayern of nagelsmann They start with the label of great favorites and therefore coconuts from the draw with the permission of the Naples, the great revelation of the season in Europe. The great desired is the Milan while somewhere in between are Inter Milan, Benfica and Chelsea.

The draw will be open and pure, so there will be no seedings and clubs from the same country will be able to cross. The hypothetical path to the Istanbul final, which will be held on June 10 at the stadium, will also be determined. Olympic Ataturk.

The first legs of the quarterfinals will be played on April 11 and 12 and the return ones a week later, on April 18 and 19. The semifinals will take place on May 9 and 10 (first leg) and May 16 and 17 (return).

The eight balls belonging to each of the eight contestants will be placed in the same central drum and the pairings will be established in the order of subtraction. The first team to leave will play the first leg of the quarterfinals at home and the next to leave will play the second leg at home, and so on until the matches are complete.

For the draw for the semi-finals, as explained by UEFA, “four balls containing papers marked ‘Quarter-final winner 1’ to ‘Quarter-final winner 4’ are mixed together. The first and second balls drawn determine the first semifinal pairing. The first ball drawn represents the home team in the first leg. The procedure is repeated with the remaining balls in the bowl to complete the semi-final pairings.”

Lastly, due to administrative issues, as reported by the Uefait will be determined which winner of the semifinals will be home and which will be the visitor in the final of istanbul.

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