Madrid, Barça and Athletic present an alternative offer to CVC

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic They have sent the rest of the First and Second Division teams a letter with a counter offer that would offer better financing conditions than the British CVC fund, according to information from Cinco Días. CVC pledged last August to pay 2,000 million to take 10% of the business over the next 50 years.

To questions from MD, from the Barça this point was confirmed. Ferran Reverter, the Barça CEO, explained at the press conference to present the telematic vote of the Espai Barça that he was waiting for LaLiga to present a counter offer but as it was raised, they did not see it as correct.

The intention of the three clubs would be for the rest of the clubs to reject CVC’s offer at the decisive assembly that will take place on Friday, December 10, when the final vote will take place. LaLiga needs the affirmative vote of 22 of the 42 clubs for it to pass. In the previous one, the acceptance was of 38 clubs out of 42, with the exception of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic and Real Oviedo.

The alternative offer, driven by the Real Madrid, It will be supported by a bond issue and it is a similar operation to the one that has already closed Florentino Pérez to finance the redevelopment of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

In this way, the three clubs that from the beginning did not accept CVC’s conditions will propose a new member who will provide immediate liquidity, according to the same media. Although the amount of the offer is unknown, in his letters to the rest of the clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic They assure that it is a proposal with better conditions and greater profitability, since it cuts the duration of the alliance in half, which would be 25 years.

Real Madrid and Barcelona They have already expressed their opposition to the agreement between LaLiga and CVC, claiming that there was a risk of losing control of the rights during the next 50 years. CVC’s offer supposed to value LaLiga’s business at 24,250 million, since the initial offer amounted to a maximum of 2,667 million, before the three teams separated from the agreement.

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