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Lucas Vázquez and Camavinga, with the Real Madrid Foundation

Lucas Vazquez and Camavinga visited a group of young people who participated in the educational soccer and values ​​clinic that the Real Madrid Foundation organized in the fields of Real Madrid City. They are boys and girls from Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, the United States, Syria and Australia and who enjoyed five training sessions with two technicians from the Foundation, one of them specializing in goalkeepers, notes the Real Madrid website.

Some boys and girls who were surprised to meet Lucas Vazquez and Camavinga. The participants in this clinic have been almost half a thousand and during this week, “they enjoyed a unique experience through the methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation in values ​​and sport. These educational clinics are activities to promote educational sports as a training tool integral part of the person from childhood”, points out the Real Madrid website.

The Foundation develops more than 400 educational clinics around the world to serve more than 30,000 beneficiaries each season.

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