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Lopetegui: “The punishment is excessive”

Julen lopetegui, Sevilla coach, regretted the defeat of his team against the Real Madrid (2-1) since they played “a great game” and considered that if any of them deserved “the three points” it was them.

“I am left with a bitter taste, like the whole team because we have not deserved to be defeated, I even think that if any team has deserved the three points it has been us. But football is what he has, and more in this field. It is not enough to dominate 75 minutes and miss chances, “he said at a press conference.

“They have the best players in the world in all positions, in the last 15 minutes we have not come out much, but without having clear chances. The punishment is excessive. We are sad and hurt, but also aware that we have played a great game, “he added.

“Of course, more can be done because it has not reached us. We put in a lot of effort, but sometimes that doesn’t work here. When you have Madrid with the foot of the neck, you have to squeeze him ”, he completed.

A Lopetegui who highlighted the wear and tear of his team: “We have come to go for them and we have made a great physical effort and perhaps in the end we have paid a little, but we have never lost order and they have hardly had any clear scoring chances. We have done merits not to leave empty ”, he declared.

The technician of the Seville did not give his opinion of the penalty that the Seville from Praise upon Ocampos since he couldn’t see it again: “I haven’t seen the penalty play. Everyone tells me that it is a clear penalty, I don’t know, but I trust the people who have told me a lot and Ocampos insists that it is a penalty. Everything that could have happened against today has happened ”, he commented.

Finally, he defended the Moroccan Bond after his mistake in the Frenchman’s goal Karim Benzema: “Bond He has saved us many times. He is a stronghold in the team, an extraordinary boy and has had a mistake of which he is aware ”, he concluded

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