Lopes’ rant


  • 1/6

    Jerome Boateng

    The Ol was hooked in Bordeaux (2-2), as part of the 17th day of L1.

  • 2/6

    Jason denayer

    He opened the scoring for the head (30th).

  • 3/6

    Jason denayer

    Hit in the heel, the Belgian defender came out on injury (44th).

  • 4/6

    Remi Oudin

    The former Rémois equalized for the Girondins (36th).

  • 5/6

    Thiago mendes

    With a sublime half-volley, the Brazilian gave back the advantage to his family (41st).

  • 6/6


    He put his own up to the Lyonnais in the second half (58th).

Anthony Lopes did not mince his words after the draw conceded by Olympique Lyonnais in Bordeaux.

THE’Olympique Lyonnais is in the hard. New proof this Sunday with the draw conceded in Bordeaux (2-2) after having however led twice. And again, OL finally got away with it given the enormous opportunity enjoyed by the Girondins in the last moments of the game after a loss of the ball guilty of Lucas Paqueta.

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Fortunately, Anthony lopes was watching. The Portuguese international was nonetheless upset at the final whistle. And after having blown in the bronchi of the Brazilian playmaker for his error, the Lyon goalkeeper went there with his rant in front of the microphones.

“What feeling do we have? Nervousness, sadness, and a mix of lots of feelings that are completely negative. We were in front, we were leading 2-1 and we had done the hard part. We are joined at 2-2 and we are almost on the verge of losing the match at the end of the game. We will have to quickly remedy a lot of things because we have to do a lot more, he thundered in a mixed zone. Today, we are 12th in Ligue 1, which is totally unacceptable when we are Olympique Lyonnais. We will have to find things quickly, we have a few games left to be able to finish the first part of the season in a much more positive way, anyway, we cannot go back, the damage has been done. ”

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