Longoria points to a big problem at OM

Satisfied with the start of the season for his troops, Pablo Longoria is counting on the next winter transfer window to correct certain things.

Passed through in the Europa League, where the Ciel et Blancs have still not won a single match, theOlympic Marseille On the other hand, holds its rank in Ligue 1. Despite their inconstancy, Jorge Sampaoli’s men indeed point to third place in the standings with one game less and are therefore in the nails set by the Marseille leaders.

Asked in the columns of The team, Pablo Longoria was also satisfied with the start of the season, insisting on the playing philosophy put in place by Jorge Sampaoli. ” We are a team built to be in control of the game, not to play transition football. Right now, it’s true, we lack offensive efficiency. If we analyze all the data, we see that in many matches, we could have scored more goals, he explained. There is a balance to be struck between our offensive production and defensive security. We have to keep control of the game and the matches. Because we are not a team built to play physical in a Championship that is.

The team is young, it may lack leadership

And according to the Olympian president, the Marseille team has another limit: its lack of experience. A gap that the Spanish leader hopes to correct during the winter transfer window. ” By January, I must find economic resources to improve the workforce, with the assets that I have in the team. It can mean selling players and using the money wisely. The sale of a player can make it possible to strengthen a team, in the end, to erase its handicaps. I consider that we have already improved a lot of things last summer, but there is still work. The team is young, it may lack leadership in different positions on some important matches, he confided. The leadership, the management of these meetings, it comes with the number of matches played at high level. We took a general strategic turn to rejuvenate the workforce, the average age of the team has dropped dramatically. But you cannot have the same level of requirement for a very young workforce. I am the first to be aware of it.

And Pablo Longoria to insist by explaining that this youth ” needed to be channeled “. Experienced players are therefore expected, arrivals nonetheless remaining correlated with possible departures. ” Talking about individual positions no longer really makes sense. We have a very clear strategy, a workforce of 21 versatile players. We are rather looking for different profiles for a few months in this winter transfer window. In the event of the exit of different players, we want to have spare possibilities “, He assured, affirming in addition that the discussions followed their course concerning Boubacar Kamara, which will be at the end of contract next June. “Teveryone must do their part “, He warned.

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