Lindelöf and Rolfö will charge the same with Sweden!

The Swedish Federation and the national teams have reached an unprecedented pact whereby they and they will receive the same salary

Rolfö and her teammates will charge the same as Swedish internationals


Historic agreement in Swedish football. The Nordic country’s Football Federation (SvFF) would have agreed to the same salary for the men’s and women’s national teams for the first time. The compensation will be the same regardless of whether he is called Fridolina Rolfö (FC Barcelona) or Victor Lindelöf (Manchester United).

“It has been a good dialogue and a good process with everyone involved which has resulted in our basic agreement being the same for the men’s and women’s national teams,” SvFF technical secretary Hakan Sjöstrand tells Sportbladet.

The historic agreement has been reached after discussions between unions, the captains of both teams, Caroline Seger and Victor Lindelöf, and some other players. “All parties are satisfied,” adds Sjöstrand.

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