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Leonardo plays the distraction with Mbappé

Real Madrid tear off the calendar sheets waiting to be able to contact with Mbappe, despite the fact that the player has dropped that he will not negotiate with anyone until the end of the Champions League tie. Out of respect for PSG, he will postpone any conversation until March. The club, however, finds it increasingly difficult to retain him. He knows that the French wants a change of scene and that the option to renew him loses integers every day.

The speech of Leonardo, the sports manager of PSG, has completely changed in just a few months. At the beginning of the season he said that he did not imagine Kylian out of Paris next June. He was categorical, convinced of his own words. Yesterday, at the Sorbonne University, significant nuances were seen: “What to say about Mbappe. It’s formidable. It is different, unique. And you know what we want… We’ll see ”, he pointed out, a bit hesitant.

Meanwhile, the 7 avoids pronouncing excessively on its future. He does not want to enter into any controversy and much less now, little by little to face what may be his team next year. PSG does not lose hope of seducing him with a final proposal, and L’Équipe pointed out in that sense that he has resumed talks with Mbappe, but without significant progress. The boy’s dream continues to be to go to Madrid. Because Leonardo play now to the distraction.

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