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Leagues won and leagues lost, by Juan Carlos Rivero

Real Madrid lost two consecutive leagues on the last day, both played in Tenerife in the nineties of the last century. Apart from arbitration actions, the VAR would have had a lot of work that afternoon, I am left with a reflection of a Madrid player after those two blows in a row. It was Michel the one who commented that the mistake was not having lost those games in the Heliodorus, that the failure was to arrive with the homework undone when they had had plenty of opportunities to do it. Smart and honest way of looking at it.

This thought comes to mind when talking about the League won by Madrid on matchday 17 of the championship, although it outstripped Sevilla by 8 points, 13 over Real Sociedad and Atlético de Madrid, and 18 over Barça, to go a little further. far. We live in turbulent times, in which a microscopic bug wreaks havoc on our health and habits, and everything can change from one day to the next. It is true that Ancelotti’s team has a comfortable and well-earned advantage, the result of their good work and the malpractice of their competitors, but nobody can say that the league is won, unless it is said with a small mouth. That is, when you say one thing outwards and inside you think quite another. Pure incoherence.

Madrid has the league channeled but not won. Last Sunday in the derby he came out with a 13-point advantage, had Atlético won, which has a pending match, it could have been 4. Life takes many turns, not always under our will, football too, sometimes much more.

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