League, prestige and complicity, by Ernest Benach

Avui is pot leave the league sentenced against him real Madridand in the pitjor dels cases, the barca I would continue to be competitive with a certain advantage. But això només in the pitjor of the cases at a strictly football level, because at the level of reputation, at a social level, at an economic level, it seems that the expression “in the pitjor of the cases” is the harsh reality. And all that he has not sentenced, yes that he has been judged permanently summed up with the penalty of the unclosing accusations bank. It is extremely exhausting to follow the blaugrana news, because the sporting element has been relegated to a second place and the prestige of the institution for mateix is ​​only a minimum. I believe that there are many culers who need answers, or at least that someone explains to them what is happening.

But the disorientation that ara mateix affects us, has not really influenced players and techniques.

Durant molts anys el barca has regnant to Europe Both a spectacular joc, and the simple suspicion that some referee could have bought is so ridiculous, how real is the certainty that the influences of certain teams in the refereeing and federative estates have followed a constant for many decades.

The question, tanmateix, is that at the hours of the morning barca tea molts enemies declared i cap complicitat enlloc. The only possible and real complicity is the one that was able to build Barcelona for the mate and with the mate, and from here treballar-ne d’altres.

At this gray moment in the history of barca I’m afraid that I won’t have any proof with what entered the pilot. It will add something else. Ep!, però sobre tot avui, que n’entrin unes quantes.

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