League of Nations: France is doing very well!

Holder of the title, the France team knows its future opponents in the League of Nations.

The band to Didier Deschamps is fixed on his fate. The draw for the pools of the UEFA Nations League version 2022-2023, which took place this Thursday, December 16 in Nyon (Switzerland), was rather lenient with theFrench team.

After lifting the trophy last October following their 2-1 final victory over La Roja, France inherited Denmark, Croatia and Austria. Placed in hat 1, the Blues were sure not to fall on the other three seeds, namely Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Italy in the group of death

The group of death of this League A is undoubtedly the one made up of Hungary, England, Germany, and the reigning European champion, Italy. Finalist of the previous edition, Spain will meet Portugal while Belgium will challenge the Netherlands in particular.

The first four matches of this first group stage are scheduled for June 2022. The last two days are set for next September, before the World Cup in Qatar. Finally, the semi-finals and the final will be held in June 2023.

League A:

A1: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France

A2: Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain

A3: Hungary, England, Germany, Italy

A4: Wales, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium

League B:

B1: Armenia, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Ukraine

B2: Albania, Israel, Russia, Iceland

B3: Montenegro, Romania, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina

B4: Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden

League C:

C1: Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey

C2: Cyprus or Estonia, Kosovo, Greece, Northern Ireland.

C3: Kazakhstan or Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia

C4: Group C4: Gibraltar, Georgia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria.

League D:

D1: Lithuania, Andorra, Kazakhstan or Moldova, Liechtenstein

D2: San Marino, Cyprus or Estonia, Malta

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