Laporta-Messi, the most wanted photo that was not given

It was the most wanted photo of the night in Paris. There was a lot of expectation to see if Joan Laporta and Leo Messi would greet each other again after the departure of Leo Messi of the Barça the last summer. After mutual public reproaches, on the one hand the president Laporta, hinting that Leo He was able to do more to continue in the Barça club, and on the other of the Argentine, noting that he did what they asked him to continue and then they told him that he could not continue, yesterday the morbid was served, but there was no reunion between the two.

Although Laporta I was sitting behind Messi during the ceremony in the stalls of the Chatelet theater in Paris and not at a great distance, neither before nor after the awards ceremony, a single image of both of them was seen greeting each other. In fact, the own Laporta certified it after the gala, before heading back to Barcelona. “It has not happened,” said the president when asked upon his departure if he had crossed paths with the Argentine. “But I thank you for remembering the Barça in his speech “, added the maximum Barcelona president.

Instead, Messi Yes, he shared photos and chat with the two representatives of the Barça who were awarded, both his former partner Pedri, who took the award Kopa, as the winner of the women’s Ballon d’Or, Alexia putellas.

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