LaLiga launches a global duel in 28 countries between fans of El Clásico

ElClásico, the iconic rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, is widely recognized as the greatest of all sports rivalries. This match has transcended the field of play and has become a true cultural phenomenon, attracting the attention of millions of fans around the world. The intensity of the competition and the quality of the players involved make The classic a spectacle that paralyzes the entire world.

Thanks to its global presence on five continents, The league is capable of bringing ElClásico closer to football fans from all corners of the planet. This Sunday’s game will take place at the Spotify Camp Nou, but the game can be enjoyed far beyond the Spanish borders thanks to the organization by LaLiga of more than 52 activities in more than 28 countries. In collaboration with local and global partners, including regional broadcasters, LaLiga also partners with BKT Tires. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend the in-person events, where they can enjoy an incredible community experience alongside other fans.

Viewings of El Clásico have become a unique and legendary experience in recent years, and this weekend there will be several massive events for fans. For example, there will be a ‘fanfest’ for some 5,000 people in Ciudad de Mexicoanother for 2,000 in The Angels and another for 1,000 in Ghana. In addition, parties will be held in countries as diverse as India, Brazil, Poland, Cameroon, Canada, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Even in Asia and Oceania, LaLiga is organizing activities and events for fans who, due to the schedule, will have to get up early to see ElClásico, as a ‘watch party’ to watch the game over breakfast in Australia.

There are also various sporting events to promote physical activity, from an ElClásico 10km run in Colombia to ElClásico soccer, badminton and Sepak Takraw (local sport) competitions in Indonesiagoing through a youth soccer tournament in Uganda, and much more.

In addition, there will be prize draws, other digital campaigns and various collaborations with influencers, so that fans can watch the game alongside their favorite characters from social networks. In Argentina, for example, there will be a special experience with someone who knows exactly what it is to score in ElClásico, as the former FC Barcelona player Kun Aguero will participate in a streaming event with Star+.

In addition to participating in the different activations and cheering on their favorite team to win the match, fans around the world will also have the opportunity to impact the digital scoreboard that has been created by La Liga and BKT Tiresan Official Global Partner and a company that has pioneered the development and production of safe, innovative and high-performance tires for over three decades for a variety of specialized industries, including agriculture, construction, earthmoving, ports and mining. There will be several challenges and games in the activations that will take place all over the world and in which fans of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will be able to earn points for their club on the scoreboard ‘ElClásico rivalry by BKT’. At the end of the ElClásico weekend, the points won in events around the world will have been counted and it will be clear which fans have been the best.

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