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Kroos also cries out against Messi’s Ballon d’Or

The German player, Benzema’s teammate, explained his reasons why he would have given the award to the ‘9’ French

Kroos was clear about his opinion on the Ballon d’Or


The choice of Messi as new Golden Ball European football is giving a lot to talk about. There are those who see it as fair and those who do not see it as fair and, among others, there is Toni Kroos.

The German, as always respectful, congratulated Leo Messi for having been the winner but he did not miss the opportunity to claim that, according to his criteria, it should have been his teammate Karim Benzema who won the trophy.

“Why didn’t Benzema win the Ballon d’Or? What is missing in the election is above all the first place. Leo does not deserve it. There is no doubt that together with Cristiano, he has been the player of the last decade, but this year there should be others ahead, “said the German in his podcast, once again showing personality and character in the externalization of his thoughts.

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