Kombouaré wants to “walk on OM” and explains it

The FCN is preparing to receive OM on behalf of the 16th day of L1, Wednesday evening. Already with a game plan well defined by Antoine Kombouaré.

The words of Antoine Kombouaré after the draw of his FC Nantes in Lille on Saturday did not go unnoticed. ” We come home with a very good point. I hope we will validate it in four days against Marseille. We must be able to step on them “, Says the Nantes coach, hot, galvanized perhaps by his past as an icon of PSG.

Invited to come back to his words on Monday at a press conference, the Kanak technician was amused by the resonance of his little sentence. ” I said that because it is often the expression of the Marseillais, “to step on them”, I had a little fun … He breathes, before saying more about the state of mind that will animate his Canaries in two days. ” The idea is to have a great match, we have no choice. If we want to hope to achieve a good result against Marseille, we will have to be ready to do a great performance, over time. For now, we saw it against Paris, we played a good second half, the first we were in pain. In Lille, we had a very good first half, in the second we were a little more in difficulty, we managed to keep the score. There, against Marseille, I hope we will be able to play 1h35!

These last years, OM rather succeeded at FCN. Since Nantes’ return to the top flight in the summer of 2013, the two teams have crossed paths 16 times, for six victories for the Yellow and Green, five draws and five Marseille successes. The Olympians have only won one duel in the last seven confrontations between the two clubs in Ligue 1.

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