Juanjo Brau says goodbye to Barça

The arrival of Xavi to the bench of FC Barcelona has caused a series of changes in the changing room of the Barça club. The remodeling has also reached the section doctor, very marked after the plague of injuries that has affected the first team in recent weeks. One of the changes has occurred with the replacement of Juanjo BrauUntil now, head of the physiotherapy area.

Brau not only will he not continue in the locker room, but from today he leaves the Barça club, which he arrived at almost 25 years to work in grassroots football and in which he had been with the first team for 18 years. During this time he has worked with most of cracks of the first team and especially with Leo Messi, with whom he maintained a close relationship.

Through Instagram, Brau He has said goodbye to the Barça club with an open letter:

“Today ends a stage of my professional life that has lasted almost 25 years in which I have been able to enjoy my profession, my lifelong love for my club and the world of sport that I am so passionate about. During these last 18 years, I have had the privilege of being able to live one of the most glorious times of this club, being able to personally and professionally offer a part of myself with the personal costs that this entailed; always trying to give what was expected of my work.

I have been able to accompany the best player in all history and I have developed my profession alongside the best players in the world. A privilege and a responsibility that I always wanted to carry with me until the last consequences.

At this time I just want to thank an institution that has made me grow professionally and that has given recognition to my profession, as well as the physiotherapists and colleagues whom I have been fortunate to be able to direct for so many years. Also to colleagues from the rest of the departments who have given me so much knowledge.

I leave with the conviction that I have never ceased to be consistent with what was required of me and that I have never set aside respect for our profession.

I am very proud to have been able to belong to the club that I dreamed of and that represents me.

I only have the wish that we continue to be a benchmark.

This is not the end… it’s just a full stop “

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