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Jovic is reborn from his ashes

It was the 17th minute at Reale Arena when Karim Benzema He dropped his knee, put his hand to the hamstrings of his left leg, and removed his captain’s armband. Real Madrid. Three gestures that immediately set off all the alarms in the white team. A minute later, the Frenchman was replaced by Luka jovic and headed for the locker room under the watchful eye of a Carlo Ancelotti that he was unable to hide his concern.

It is not for less, because the muscular injury leaves the white team an orphan of its most differential player, the top scorer and assistant in the championship, author of 17 goals in 20 games this year. Before the loss of his best footballer, Carlo Ancelotti chose to give court to Jovic instead of Mariano.

The Serbian striker, reviled for months in a Madrid who saw him more outside than inside in the winter market, came out of his ostracism to replace Benzema in one of the most complicated scenarios, both for him and for his team. In his legs he had only accumulated just over 100 minutes this season in eight games.


Although it took him a few minutes to make his footing in the game, the Balkan showed that he was plugged in. He won the first duels with the Real defenders, combined well with Vinicius and unloaded some balls with his back to goal to activate Rodrygo. Already in the second part, supported by a great Vinicius, was definitely unleashed to make the Madrid even more leader.

In the first minute of the restart, he summoned Rodrygo with Remiro with a filtered pass and two minutes later he maneuvered marvelously with Vinicius to leave him 0-1 on a tray. 10 minutes later he made it 0-2 with a goal from a ‘killer’ from the area to knock out Real and break a drought with Madrid that lasted almost two years. His last goal was 22 months ago, just before the pandemic broke out, on February 9, 2020 against Osasuna.

The situation of Jovic at Madrid It has changed radically in just 75 minutes, which was yesterday on the field of play. Injury to Benzema can stop his exit in the winter market and will mark the number of opportunities that Jovic will have, congratulated yesterday by Ancelotti after the game.

“I have to congratulate him because he never plays and he was ready, he took advantage and enjoyed the opportunity. He is an area striker, different from Benzema but with quality to shoot walls, as seen in the goals,” said the Italian coach after the game.

At the moment, and waiting to know the extent of Karim Benzema’s injury, Luka Jovic picks up the glove and asks for a step in a Madrid where everything comes out.

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