“It’s a final and we want revenge”

The Barça is fully psyched to win against him Bayern Munich in order to qualify for the round of 16 of the Champions League and so the forward referred Memphis Depay in declarations to the channels of the Barcelona club.

Memphis, who still has not been able to debut as a culé scorer in Europe, pointed out that “this is our last chance to go to the next round” and that the duel of Champions against him Bayern “It’s like a final.”


Memphis Depay talked about the game against Bayern

“We will have to mentally prepare very well to take the game. It’s like a final. We will have to put the maximum intensity, we will have 90 minutes to do it. Obviously it also depends on the result of Benfica, but we have to focus on ourselves and go out there to win The game. The way in which we face the game is up to our coach, but we like to press high and have the ball. We want to control the games through the ball, “he said. Memphis, which did not hide the desire of the players to achieve a good result after 2-8 two seasons ago and the last defeat against the Germans in the group stage.

“Of course we want to take revenge, it may be our last chance to get it and we have to prepare. Everything is to be decided and we have to work very hard and do everything possible to achieve the result. It all starts with believing. We are Barça and of course it’s possible. The fans know it too, “he said. Memphis, who made it clear that “we are not thinking of another competition than in the Champions League, because it is the biggest there is” and that “Barcelona has to be in the next round.”

“Winning would help us in confidence and would be a boost for the team spirit. We know that we are in a project that requires time. There are many young people, it is a new environment. If we achieve victory we will be able to build from there,” he added Memphis, who does not expect the Bayern He left the game with little intensity despite the fact that he is already classified for the round of 16.

“They always play good games and as a team they have a good mentality. They will want to win every game because we are at the top of football. It doesn’t matter too much that they are already classified,” he said. Memphis.

Convinced to improve their performance

In addition to analyzing the game against him Bayern, Memphis He also spoke of his adaptation process to Barça and he considered that he has to improve when coming into contact with the ball in the offensive zone.

“We all have to adapt. Barça’s style of play playing with me as a forward … I think I’m doing my job well. I work for the team with all my love and passion because I like working for my teammates. It’s important to me touch the ball and receive the ball in the right areas. Right now I have to improve, for sure, and I am convinced that we will score more goals, “he said. Memphis.

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