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“It makes me very excited that Barça wear this shirt in the Clásico”

Next Sunday, March 19, the Classic in it SpotifyCamp Nou and the FC Barcelona will wear a special T-shirt with the logo of the album ‘Motomami’ by Rosalia. In this way we want to celebrate the anniversary of its launch. Not only that, but FC Barcelona Femení will also wear the ‘Motomami’ edition shirts in the women’s Clásico on Saturday, March 25.

rosalia She has spoken about what it means for her that Barça wear the name of her album on the shirt. She has done it for Spotify, which she has shared exclusively with Sports world these statements by the singer Sant Esteve Sesrovires. They are the following:

What does it mean to you that Motomami appears in the FCB jersey for El Clásico?

I am very excited that a great team like Barça wears the shirt and especially in such an important game!

What similarities do you see between the world of music and that of football?

The similarity that I feel is the emotion that is experienced, for example, in a concert and in a game. Human energy is concentrated, so many people living the same moment, fixing all their attention on one event.

“The similarity between music and football is the emotion that is experienced, for example, in a concert and in a game”

What has been the best of your year since the launch of Motomami?

I would say playing at the Palau Sant Jordi twice full.

Among your songs, which are your favourites?


Who are some of your favorite soccer players?

I would say that due to age/nostalgia for watching games at home my favorites are Messi, Eto’o and Zidane, and right now I really like Pedri and Mbappé.

“Due to age/nostalgia my favorites are Messi, Eto’o and Zidane, and now I really like Pedri and Mbappé”

What is your favorite city to visit when you are on tour?

I love Buenos Aires and New York.

What position would you play if you were a professional soccer player?

Forward, in fact when I played in my town and at school it was always my favorite position, hahaha.

“If I were a professional footballer, I would play forward, in my town and at school it was my favorite position”

In 2022, ROSALIA she was the most listened to Spanish artist in the world on Spotify, with a year-on-year growth of more than 110%, and she was also the most listened to female artist in Barcelona. the songs of MOTOMAMI have been streamed more than 1.8 billion times, plus Spotify listeners have added songs from ROSALIA to over 150 million user-created playlists.

This collaboration between Spotify and the FC Barcelona aims to unite the worlds of music and football. As can be seen in the playlists of the Barça players, the music of ROSALIA It is among the songs that motivate them the most before games.

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