It is not a great final, by Santi Nolla

When Xavi I speak of Pedro He made it clear that it was better to reserve it because today’s game “is not a great final.” It’s true. That somehow determines the mood with which the barca face the Classic. On the one hand with the need to kill the League and getting to 12 points, which would drive away any ghost and, on the other, with the feeling that whatever happens, the Blaugrana team is perfectly placed to win the championship without the match ending up marking the future of the title.

The lowering of Pedro is very sensitive to barca. He wears the team’s football on his boots, but the Classic it will be something else. ancelotti is considering placing Vinicius to the right so you don’t have to deal with Araujo. But there it will be Koundéanother impressive defender in a line that is working very well for barca. It is true that in the last confrontation, the Madrid he won possession, as much as he did not shoot even once between the three sticks.

Anxiety today is for whites. If they won in the SpotifyCamp Nou they would still need to win two games and for Barça to lose them to have a chance, taking into account that the FC Barcelona will enjoy long weeks, while the whites will have to face the Chelsea in Champions and, if it passes, face the winner of the City-Bayernthe great candidate to take the big-eared.

Today he aims for a great match, but the Madrid must come out with the knife between the teeth and the barca He will be able to plan the match to exploit his best football, yes with the maximum intensity, as has always happened in the duels of the Classic. why always the barca Does he show up in these encounters? Because the level of intensity is not discussed. It is not in question. They all go for everything.

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