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“It is going to be an even League until the end”

Carlo Ancelotti, technician of the Real Madrid, he assured in the press conference prior to the duel against the Real society that he sees his team in good physical condition despite the few rotations and the demanding schedule that he has faced in recent weeks.

“The entire squad is in good physical condition. We evaluate each player in each game. Recently we have almost the entire squad ready. Today Bale has returned to work with the team, he will not be there tomorrow but next week he will be ready. to play. The team is fine and I have not seen any fatigue in training, “said the Italian coach, who claimed that he had made changes to the line-ups.

“The only matches in a row that I have repeated eleven were Shakhtar and Barcelona. In the others I have always made changes. Nacho played in grenade, Marcelo on Elche, I have alternated Lucas with Carvajal, Asensio and Rodrygo… I make changes, “he said. Ancelotti, who recognized that with Casemiro, Benzema and Vinicius he’s having more trouble giving them rest.

“We have spare parts for Vini, Case and Benzema but they are doing well, especially the forwards. They are scoring and if I remove them their good dynamics can be broken. Casemiro is the balance of the team, the balance it brings is very important, almost as important as a goal or a save from Courtois. Camavinga and Blanco have quality but not the experience of Casemiro. Young people bring energy, but they do not have their experience, “continued the white coach.

“I don’t think about him Inter or the Athletic. The focus is on the Real. It is a team that plays very well, very organized, has a lot of quality. We are delighted to have this exam in such a beautiful field. I will put the best team possible to win tomorrow. Yes Casemiro has to play and sees a card will not play against him Athletic nothing happens, “he said about the Brazilian, who is warned.

Carlo Ancelotti did not want confidence despite the advantage in the leadership, aware of the importance of the duels against Real and Atlético that can mark the future of the championship. “Important games are coming, the League is fully open and it will continue like this. If we do it well, we can have an advantage to manage in the future, but it will not be like that, it will be a League level until the end,” said the coach, who acknowledged that his team is suffering defensively.

“It is true that Courtois has saved us in the last two games. Rafa Mir’s goal was bad luck because there was a Mendy blocking Militao. It is a wake-up call that Courtois stops so much, but with him, we are solid defensively. We have to improve the positioning “, analyzed Ancelotti, who does not see that the rivals are going to hurt Vinicius.

“The strongest players have special attention from the rival. It is normal. The entry of the Granada player was aggressive, but not especially serious. From what Vinicius does, his marks are more special, but nothing serious for his integrity,” he resolved the Italian, who denied having problems with Isco.

“There has not been any quarrel with Isco. He has not warmed up the last three games because we were winning and it was not necessary,” he said.

Asked what player he would like to be if he were to be a footballer again, Ancelotti had no doubts. “Surely not a midfielder, I would like to be Vinicius, Benzema or Haaland. A striker who scores because I didn’t have a goal,” he joked.

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